Our school is the official partner of Rosa Khutor Resort since five years. We have obtained our reputation thanks to our team which is multinational and versatile. Here we have windsurfers, kiteboarders, yachtsmen, and professional skiers and snowboarders. We expand our horizons by travelling to different countries, but we always return to our home region and transfer the skills gained on expeditions to our guests. The surf station SURFSCHOOL is provided with equipment for rental and training in the following domains: windsurfing, kayaking, sailing (2 meters Laser Pico mini-yachts) and sup-surfing. We base in Imeretinskaya Bay, on the Rosa Khutor beach, next to the white sphere located opposite the Fisht stadium. The opening hours are 08:00 – 21:00 every day, without breaks.

Windsurfing program

What is windsurfing? Windsurfing is a type of sport that implies skilled control of a board with a small sail on the water surface. In addition, it is a very nice way to spend your holiday. You can learn   to stand on the board and maneuver with the wind relatively quickly. With a competent instructor, it takes around 3-4 hours of classes, and if you are a talented sportive student you can already navigate a windsurf after the first lesson.  Our bay on the Black Sea is a popular spot for windsurfing, because there are no strong winds and no strong waves that prevent learning.

Benefits of windsurfing:
•    good balance
•    powerful training of back and arm muscles
•    development of behavior skills on water and waves
•    getting a chance to observe  the sea animals and plants of the region


Training schedule group trainings 11:30 – 12:30 / 17:30 - 18:30 every day

Age 6 – 12 years old

Place coastal part of the sea

Requirements: all kids must have life jackets on

With you: swimsuit/ lycra, headwear, sunscreen, a bottle of water, towel

Price individually 1200 rubles; 2 people 1100 rubles/person; above 3 people 1050 rubles/person

Program description: first we will instruct the kids about the equipment (kayak, paddle, lifejacket) and we will teach the children on how to behave on water. Further practical exercises: boarding / disembarking a kayak from the shore and in the water, departure / approach to the shore, working out rowing techniques, stopping on the water, turning. Next, we will analyze what to do in case of loss of the paddle, unexpected fall into the water, turnover of the kayak, etc. We will practice the technique of "kayaking on the waves." During those trainings the muscles of the neck, arms, shoulders, and back are involved and balance and coordination are trained. Normally children process information very quickly and easily and put it into practice.


Yachting is the most popular and comfortable type of sea holiday in Sochi. Especially during the peak season, when there is sweltering heat on the coast, it is very pleasant to go sailing into the sea. Swimming in clear water becomes more relevant in July and August, when the sea near the coast is no longer so “fresh”, there are a lot of people on the beaches and there is more need in privacy in pristine nature.

Often you can meet large flocks of dolphins with cubs, who love to play, jumping out of the water straight from under the nose of the yacht. Many people like having fruit picnics with chilled champagne at sunset on a sailing yacht or a photo session on a wooden deck in a wedding swimsuit. Also recently, free-diving from a yacht in the Black Sea has become more common. Fans of free-diving with the team of Julia Petrik and Tatiana Beley are frequent guests on our yacht. We can organize all of the above activities on the sea in Sochi for you.


What is a paddleboard (supboard): a supboard is a paddle board on which you swim on water while standing. The history of this water sport begins in 1778, when local residents of the Hawaiian Islands went fishing on wooden boards while standing with a paddle in their hands. Today it has become increasingly popular, and people around the world have even created a federation of sup-surfing, they organize competitions, and travel with boards around the world.

What is it for 
•    Enjoying the  sunrise on a sup-surf or admiring the sunset with your partner
•    Free-diving/underwater filming
•    fishing
•    free floating
•    yoga lessons
•    balance training; muscle training: arms, legs and back.
•    water excursion from the sea 
•    exploring the flora and fauna of the sea

SUP trainings
Program sup-yoga

Training schedule group trainings 09:15 – 10:15 every day

Place coastal part of the sea

With you swimsuit/lycra, sunscreen, water, towel

Program individual 1200 rubles; 2 people 1100 rubles/person; 3 people 1050 rubles/person

Program description the complex of trainings includes training of the correct rowing technique, reverse rotation, centrifugal rotation, working out the correct stance on the board due to which the student learns to keep balance, going into troubling water, moving against the wind. All exercises work on training the core muscles of the arms, legs, back, shoulder girdle, as well as training the balance. Before practical exercises, an instruction is given about water safety.

Our surf-base SURFSCHOOL is located in Imeretinskaya Bay,  on the Rosa Khutor beach, next to the white sphere opposite the Fisht Stadium,
Working hours 08:00 - 21:00 every day, without breaks or weekends
Phone number +7(988)237-39-30 / +7(928)452-37-47

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